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Caressa has dealt with a number of different people from a variety of different cultures. For psychic readings, telephone readings and more please get in touch with me today.

Sarah + sue

"Absolutely brilliant. I had a reading a few years back and I've kept her card ever since and today just showed exactly why! Such an emotional, well needed experience. We have also booked for Reiki healing which I'm looking forward to. Would recommend to anyone - truly amazing woman: "- 02/05/2013 by Sarah_sue

Caring and supportive

"Randomly I found myself seeking guidance and clarity after a difficult few months. Never visited before, I found Caressa a source of comfort and reassurance - and have felt lifted since seeing her. Thank you so much." - 11/02/2013 by Essex777

Expertise in counselling/relationships

"I was experiencing a lot of relationship dilemmas in my life, and was unsure which direction I should take. I contacted Caressa for assistance, and immediately found her to be very approachable, caring and supportive. I've had a few sessions with the emphasis on counselling, to help me through some difficult stages in my life, and she has been an absolute godsend to me, and helped me through some relationship issues I was experiencing. Thoroughly recommended for her counselling support and advice." - 11/02/2013 by Essex777


"At first I was unsure, but after the 2nd time I found myself with more belief in this and seeing strong lighting and warm around the body. At first I was sceptical about this but having more done I strongly do feel more balanced a lot more positively in life around me." - 12/01/2013 by Teapg

Very uplifting and poignant experience

"Needed some guidance in my life, and contacted Caressa for assistance. Initially had a reading done, and decided to go for Reiki healing, which is something I've never experienced before, and so glad I did. Even after the first session, I could see the 'benefits' of this line of help, she is truly gifted, and shows empathy in her demeanour, and understands all the hardship I have experienced throughout my life. Pleased to say I am continuing with this treatment, and have noticed positive thoughts and my worries being lifted from my shoulders, I cannot recommend enough the experience you will encounter." - 03/12/2012 by jurassicjen

Caressa helped me so much

"I went to Caressa to see my way through a difficult time. Her evaluation of my current and past situation and my feelings now was amazingly insightful. She helped me immensely. She also made me realise that I wasn't alone. She is a lovely and remarkably gifted person. I can't thank her enough." - 02/11/2012 by lesley09

K Holtby

"My name is Karen and I have visited a number of times to see Caressa. Due to the results leaving me feeling amazing, very positive and balanced. The room was so relaxing in which the Reiki took place. During the Reiki session the different colours that came before me were amazing. Ones I've never seen before. On another occasion I had Angel card readings which blew me away. The reason for this that Caressa knew so much about things impossible for her to know. I listened with wide ears to everything she told me because I knew she was right. Thank you so much Caressa and will see you soon :-)" - Twinny, 21/09/2012

Caressa is an inspiration, a truly gifted woman
"I had a reading with Caressa which was very accurate and eye opening. I then decided to have my first Reiki session and I'm already feeling lots better. She's just what I was looking for! If in doubt give it a go. You won't be disappointed." - saraa1991 10/09/2012

Truly gifted

"I had a reading with Caressa about two months ago which was fantastic! She made me feel calm and relaxed throughout. The reading was astonishing - she helped me through a lot of struggle and sadness and was right about a lot of things. Being a depressive person I can honestly say that I do feel better in myself after seeing her. I came back for Reiki today which I would recommend to anyone. This was ever so relaxing and really helped me to see things differently, channel myself and be more positive. I came out feeling like a different person, I honestly do. I would recommend Caressa to anyone she is truly gifted and a lovely lady - I feel like I have known her all my life." - 31/08/2012 by Jody13


"Being quite a sceptical person in the beginning seeing Caressa for the first time for a reading was definitely an eye opener and I couldn't believe how much she knew in great detail. I was recommended to have a Reiki session to help with my situation. This was unbelievable as I had some amazing, emotional experiences I never thought was possible. Caressa is truly gifted and has showed me so much help, care, and support. I recommend Caressa 100% you won't be disappointed!" - 25/08/2012 by Andyxxx

Angel reading

"I needed guidance and knew what I wanted but did not expect the clear guidance I received - all I have to do now is act on it and believe." - 05/07/2012 by klop_77

Caressa - a lovely lady

"Have been seeing Caressa for several months now, and she has helped me enormously, I feel so much better; more confident and able to go forward with things that I have wanted to do. A lovely lady. I have recommended her to my mum and friends." - 19/06/2012 by LYNNE87

Amazing compassionate lady

"I met Careesa at a meeting, and have been seeing her regularly for some months now; the healing has really helped boost my confidence to help achieve my goals, some of the things that happen on my visits are amazing." - 13/06/2012 by Lynne

Reiki sessions

"I met Caressa a while ago at an event and had my very first Angel reading. I now have regular Reiki session with Caressa - WOW - you have to try it to really understand the benefits. Thanks to her I'm a much nicer and calmer person. Looking forward to my next session." - 15/05/2012 by Agatha - AL Williams

Absolutely recommended!!

"Caressa has been so amazing in her Reiki work for me and my son. I would recommend her also for her insightful readings, which were wonderful. She is compassionate and understanding in her work." - 05/05/2012 by Sueanddaniel

So so pleased I went...

"Thank you to Caressa for helping me to understand what's going on. She is very professional and definitely worth a visit a***** I will have her back for a group reading sometime soon." - 01/05/2012 by Maria4

Definitely recommend

"Both my daughter and I had readings by Caressa and I wanted to say a big thank you to her for giving so much of her time and herself to help us. She showed us so much love and compassion and we would recommend her 100%" - 30/04/2012 by DavidCon

Highly Recommend

"I would highly recommend Caressa. My sister and I both had readings from her and we both felt that she gave us clarity and reassurance. She provided specific details that proved she is 100% genuine. We will both be returning for regular readings!!" - 28/03/2012 by kvs

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