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Caressa has dealt with a number of different people from a variety of different cultures. For psychic readings, telephone readings and more please get in touch with me today.

"after having a reading with Caressa, I left feeling that my goals in life were more achievable and that the direction I was aiming for was the right one.Caressa is a lovely person who was welcoming and made me feel comfortable and more hopeful for the future."03/06/2014 by carls_soy

You've made such a difference, Thank you.
"If I'm honest I was sceptical about the whole spiritual guidance kind of thing. But I'm at a real crossroads in life and desperately needed some guidance. I searched on the internet yesterday and found Caressa, I went to see her today looking for some answers, but not holding out much hope. I can honestly say how pleased and lucky I am to have found her. She helped on so many levels, she told me things that were detailed enough that it fully opened my eyes to believing, she was able to get me to open up and talk so naturally, which is not something I do and bottom line I'm feeling like a completely different person to the way I had been feeling for some time. She has given me a feeling of contentment and taken away the anxiousness, worry, fear that have been with me for too long now. I would have been more than happy just to have got some guidance, but on top of that it's like she has just given me a shake up to deal better with life in general. Apologies if this all sounds a bit dramatic, but I can't think of another way to put it. I cannot rate Caressa and her services highly enough and I think it's worth making clear again I am not a spiritual, free thinker that you would imagine would naturally embrace this type of thing, I am totally opposite. Today was a day I won’t forget in a long time. Thanks again, you truly are gifted and what's more you are just very together, very supportive and very nice. I know it was just in a days work for you, but you do a job that really matters. Rob."
- 19/05/2014 by Rob1975

Great Session with Caressa

"I visited Caressa a few weeks ago as I'd had a stressful few weeks and am a natural worrier. Whilst I was dubious about the psychic element I was seeking guidance. Caressa is very warm and made me feel at ease. We spoke about various things that have been causing me stress and anxiety and she opened my eyes to different ways of looking at some of my problems. I'm intrigued by the psychic stuff - caressa picked up on some interesting stuff. I must say I walked away from the session smiling and feeling happier (as cheesy as that sounds!)." - 31/03/2014 by BexD84

Thank You!
"I went to see Caressa a couple of weeks ago regarding a personal situation she picked up on straight away. She used Reiki and healing energies to bring positivity into my life – since I have visited her I am amazed. I am a lot more positive, happier and feel protected. Thank you sooo much :) I would definitely recommend her if you are feeling lost and unsure about things not only does she pick up spiritually on the situation she also heals you leaving you feeling more positive :) xx"
- 23/03/2014 by Sadz

Life changing experiences
"I met with Caressa for the first time today. I have been in what I would describe as a dark place for a very long time. Nothing seemed real and happiness unattainable. Meeting with Caressa has shown me a path, a direction and a new beginning that are attainable. Her kindness and nature is very special indeed."
- 16/02/2014 by Moonmachine

Reading and reiki

"Amazing! You must go and find out for yourself. Caressa, is really calming and puts you at ease. Within one reading session she put my life into perspective and gave me hope for the future. I have already recommended a friend who was equally blown away. I returned to try reiki for the first time and wasn't surprised to find I was blocking it but with Caressa's patience I returned and it has felt amazing. Even if you want to ask what you think are stupid questions, you will be put at ease and things will become clearer. Go and enjoy this wonderful lady's gift. Thank you Caressa." - 10/01/2014 by Fay1

Such an amazing touching experience
"Never before had been to a physic reading always wanted to go searched up and saw Caressa didn’t want to go to someone and be let down so looked at Caressa’s website and by her experience and reviews were amazing I straight away booked and I was not disappointed straight away I was relaxed and felt so much warm and kindness from her everything we was talking about everything she picked up on was spot on it and walked away with sense of well-being freshed and amazed she gave me all her time I loved it and will definitely be attending her rekii sessions thank you Caressa!"
- 08/01/2014 by IsabellaBanks2

Enlightening experience, helped me a lot

"I met with Caressa yesterday for the first time. It was the first time I'd had a reading and was not sure what to expect. Caressa was very calming and helped me to put my elements of my life in to perspective. She has a genuine gift. I would recommend you meet with her if you are struggling to make sense of your life, she will help you find some direction in your life Caseface." - 23/11/2013 by Holliethor

Wonderful experience

"I made an appointment to see Caressa for help and guidance after a particularly bad year and as I have never had a reading done before I was unsure what to expect. I can truly say it was a wonderful experience and totally amazing as both my parents and my husbands parents came through in spirit to speak to me. Caressa is 100 per cent genuine and I would strongly recommend her. I only wish I had found her years ago!" - 07/11/2013 by JulieD7

Caressa's Amazing Indian Head Massage

"If I could select more that 5 stars I would ! I have known Carressa for over a year now and have had readings with her and many sessions of Reiki which is absolutely lovely. Since she qualified in Indian head massages me and my partner have been twice and it is pure indulgence! I would recommend everyone go and have one. The prices are competitive and she indulges you in an hour of pure luxury. Iv been to the sanctuary spa in Covent garden many times but I still think Carressa does a better job! We come out feeling so relaxed and chilled - it's lovely. I said to her if I could take her home I would lol! With lovely music, a relaxing environment and beautiful smelling oils - everyone needs to try this. It's like a little piece of heaven. Once again thank you Carressa and see you soon. Jody and Chris." - 03/10/2013 by Jody13

Group readings

"I arranged for a group reading at my house for a girly night in and was worried I would get a rubbish psychic but that is was far from what we got. There was 9 of us in total and every reading was different and personal. We had some first timers against us as well and they could not believe the messages that Caressa was giving.  Would recommend her to anyone and have already booked in for Reiki Healing." - 07/08/2013 by larlin

Honest, welcoming and deserves to be recognised

"I made two attempts to see clairvoyants in my life prior to meeting Caressa and on both attempts, I was knocked back in confidence by a cancellation and I was involved in an accident on the day to go. I visited Caressa with worry, upset and fear and I left feeling positive, informed and motivated and Caressa is responsible for all of that. I would highly recommend her for her hospitality alone over her gifts and powers. However Caressa definitely can help you figure out your rights and your wrongs. Wherever you are in the U.K, you should consider visiting Caressa if it feels right to you. Thanks again Caressa. Caseface." - Essex. - 04/06/2013 by Caseface

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